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Outsourcing IT Services - A Strategic Initiative

In a globalized service economy, offshore outsourcing is no more an option but a business necessity. With offshore outsourcing you not only lower costs but transform your business by enhancing productivity and performance levels to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With a clear understanding of immediate objectives, long-term goals and implementation plan, offshoring can deliver significant strategic and business value over time.

Businesses with the right offshoring strategy and the right outsourcing partner can reap substantial rewards, as many have already discovered. In today’s challenging economic environment offshore outsourcing is even more strategic than ever before and can help you stay competitive and survive the challenging market conditions

Outsourcing to BipSum
BipSum helps clients gain that extra mileage, by successfully implementing an offshore outsourcing strategy that provides them the outsourced software development and Software Quality Assurance services they have searched long and hard for. By leveraging our experience and capabilities in technology services, our customers have truly gained a competitive edge in the marketplace. We aim to create flexible and scalable offshore-onshore team combinations for our customers, helping them quickly align themselves to challenging market situations.

Our Engagement Model

An engagement model is based on your strategy around outsourcing. Based on your immediate and long-term objectives and software services needs, we can guide you to the best suited engagement model.

Engagement Models

There are several popular models in which Software Development companies can be engaged. At such, its not about which model is good, its about which model is appropriate for the work to be performed. At BipSum, we strive to consult our Clients not only in software development but also in the most appropriate engagement models keeping in mind the key goals of the Client. Before we compare the various models, let us briefly discuss them:

Fixed Bid

In a fixed bid engagement, a fixed set of requirements are documented by the Client and the development company provides a fixed quote for the work to be done. A timeline is decided with specific milestones & each milestone is linked to some percentage of the payment. The word fixed is crucial here typically the vendor would not be flexible in wavy requirements and similarly, the Client would not be flexible in changing commercials. To know more about engagement process click here.

Time & Materials

In a Time & Materials engagement, the Client passes-on ad-hoc tasks to the development company. The work is taken up as per the priority decided by the Client, and the Client is invoiced for the number of hours spent on their work. The total work or the total invoice amount is not known prior to the commencement of the engagement. To know more about engagement process click here.


In Build-Operate-Transfer model the Client can engage BipSum in setting up their off-shore center.  This model is suitable for all work where ‘knowledge retention helps’, and where flexibility in work prioritization is needed. For example, building commercial software from scratch and maintaining it for ever. In BOT model, specific resources at the development company are dedicatedly assigned to the Client. Work can be end-to-end software development from scratch, or can be ad-hoc tasks to assist Clients internal team. However, the key is that the Client retains them on a medium/ long term basis in order to retain the knowledge the resources have gained during the course of the engagement. In third model client has advantage of long term stability & predictability, can conserve capital expenditure, can have rapid scale up, and can focus on core business while the offshore center is being set up.

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