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Bipsum understands that the back-bone and success of any project - from concept to realease - is highly dependent on the quality, enthusiasm and expertise of the person(s) doing the job.

Due to our projects, Bipsum are in touch with thousands of IT professionals across the globe. We realized that with our huge database of candidates and resources – we have the tools necessary to help our clients, whether it is managing and delivering a project or simply to supply a candidate on a need-by basis.

The reason we began to explore and implement this services is because several of our clients have found that their need for IT personnel were being looked after by non-IT people, without any knowledge or background in IT, which has all too often led to a waste in time, energy and capital.

Our very simple solution: Technical people – supplied and catered for…by technical people.

We do this by fully understanding your requirements and supplying you with candidates, all qualified by expert technical personnel in their respective fields.

Another preferred option for our clients, due to our technical and commercial background, is for Bipsum to take full responsibility of the recruitment process and services. This is primarily because of the need for a cost-reduction solution - which brings industry knowledge and experience to reduce risks and improve quality.

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