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What is E-Governance and it's importance?

“E” Governance states as the Electronic Governance while in few area’s of state’s it is considered as the Electronic Government. E Governance refers to usage and development of Government according to the Information and Communications Technology towards the fulfillment of the citizen, employee, Business or the industrial growth of the economy in the country. The needs of common man are made more sophisticated as per the requirement which tends to be nasty before of what assumes to be time consuming, Money flow around that led towards corruption. E Governance development has to be implemented in order to produce the Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Governance. E Governance means, that corresponds to inter relation between Citizens, business and other arms of government action.

Importance of E Governance come up with

  • Matured delivery of Public Services, Re-building of administrative services and efficient quality of services.

  • Better service with empowering the citizens with their needs through information.

  • Improved Efficiency, Transparency and accountability within the Government.

  • Expansion in the reach of governance to the remote area’s.

  • Improving service delivery and promoting economic development with increase in Revenues.

E-Governance Knowledge:

The best model to represent an E Governance Knowledge should have following features:

Information Management which includes Knowledge preserving. The system stores and retrieves the data, Document and records of the Government.

Events Management includes Knowledge Capturing. The information is to provide flexible environments with targeted services to different communities, which support interactions between organizations and research networks.

Privacy Management in this aspect we take care of privacy of discussion, Copyright  and intellectual property.

Capability Management system organizes Knowledge sharing to the capabilities, experience and knowledge in collaboration to increase the productivity.

Creative Management as the system provides a platform where multiple interactions have an opportunity to share the idea of growth. This involves different attributes shared as one and encourages social activities business people, knowledge worker and researchers from all sectors to join hands in developing an innovative world.

Infrastructure Management is one of the primary source. This includes security management, Software Management, Network Management and Resource Management.

As the security plays the key role to generate a secured and safeguard each electronic data interchange.

Software Management is one of the critical aspects of the system and focus on establishing major role in control, organizational and protection of software assets within the communities of E Governance.

E Governance integrates with multiple domains that run on different database technology and provides a high performance platform regardless to the size of the network.

Resource establishment includes software distribution, procurement, inventory management and capacity planning.

E-Governance Projects

E- governance projects brings the information, making all government services available to the citizens via electronic media. The E-Governance media enhances the services to the citizens for social well being, service accessibility in his locality through common service delivery outlet that ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable cost. The projects are presented in thought of daily life needs of common man.

Major Steps of implementation

The implementation of E governance stands with respect to four aspects that flow in circular manner which are interdependent as below Community management, Knowledge management, Infrastructure management and transitional management system. We deal with four aspects that make the Governance the best of what bring the user friendly status and well secured.

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