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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) a new concept recently given by Rohit Bhargava. Steps used to generate importance to a website in the internet world using social media, online communities and community websites are nothing but Social media optimization. Social media optimization procedures will drive heavy traffic to a website not only through search engines but through different channels.
Social Media – “Social media is an online tool or platform where people share their r views, ideas and experiences with each other”. Different forms include in social media may be

  • Audio
  • Text
  • Images  and
  • Videos

According to experts social media optimization is concept of changes in the implementation procedures of optimizing a website so that a website is more easily linked to and more visible in social media searches and website more frequently posted in blogs, podcasts and vlogs.
The major rules for doing Social Media Optimization are

  • Increase Your Linkability
  • Make Tagging and Bookmarking easy
  • Reward Inbound Links
  • Help Your Content Travel
  • Encourage the Mashup
  • Be a User Resource
  • Reward Helpful and Valuable Users
  • Participate
  • Know how to target your audience
  • Create content
  • Be real
  • Don’t  forget your roots be humble
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things be fresh
  • Develop a SMO strategy
  • Choose your SMO tactics wisely
  • Make SMO part of your practice

These are the rules to be followed during Social Media Optimization.

The methods involve in Social media Optimization are
  • Blogging
  • RSS
  • Social Search
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networks
  • Micro

Social Media Optimization Method – Blogging

Blogging is the door way for all the social marketing, blogging is the best way to take advantage of set of powerful tools available. Blogging also helps in gaining most immediate Return on Time Invested.
What is Blog?
A blog is software that allows anyone to post content on a website, post comments to the website more easily. The benefits of blogging are

  • It is easy to change the content
  • Update the content
  • Add the content

The Best ways to Start Blogging

  • Monitor a group of relevant blogs: Use blog search engine to locate relevant blogs, evaluate the blogs related to your own industry, competitors, experts and so to learn how to people blog, what they write about, how they engage their readers.
  • Comment on Group of relevant blogs: Visit some of relevant blogs start posting comments in the blogs, participate in discussions of blogs, try to get information you need from others.
  • Create your own Blog and start posting contents

Blogging Best Practices

  • Read Blogs
  • Post comments more often in the blogs
  • Continue to network with other blogs
  • Encourage the Community
  • Link out to lots of relevant content and other blogs.

How to get more Blog readers

  • Make relevant comments in other blogs, forums, social networks and portals.
  • Submit to blog and your blog RSS feeds to RSS and blog directories.
  • Make it easy to subscribe in your blog
  • Get Sociable – Make it a one step process for social media types to pass your content via e-mail or by bookmarking.

How to get more blog Comments

  • Ask for Comments
  • Ask questions and seek opinions
  • Comment on comments
  • Make comment participation a game
  • Make sure commenting is easy.

Social Media Optimization Method – RSS

RSS technology helps in aggregate and filters the content around the subjects. RSS technology as a tool helps you to repurpose, republish and create content. RSS technology helps in automating our learning and marketing. RSS technology helps in gaining access to filtered content any place we want it. RSS technology helps in filter through the flood of information need to be tracking just to stay competitive. RSS technology is used to publish frequently updated works as

  • Blog Entries
  • News Headlines
  • Audio and video in standard formats.

Social Media Optimization Method – Social Search

Social search helps to stimulate and manage small business reputations. Small business search topics sometimes called social search. Social search is one that list small business and allows people to rate and review them. Social sites ask members and visitors to rate their experience, good and bad with a business and post the information for others to view. Highly rated small business appearing on social sites are starting get noticed.

Social Media Optimization Method – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great trick for creating “in the News” pages or for gathering company, industry mentions to repurpose the website. Social bookmarking technique is used to create custom content pages for search purpose. Social bookmarking techniques help in creating highly personalized newspapers for customers and prospects.

Once the social bookmarking technique is set up, anyone surfing the web for you can build this highly personalized pages.

Social Media Optimization – Social Networks

Social networks allow people to join, friends members, or invite others to join and share and exchange information. Social networking is been an important marketing skill.

Social Media Optimization – Micro

Micro is an online social communication where anyone about any can be discussed.

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